The Story of Ryland Junior

…as told by J. Baez.

The man known as jaythreeoh, (né Ryland Stephens, Jr.) originated from Brooklyn, NY. He was raised by his mother’s hand, as his father passed when he was very young. He is lowest in birth order of three siblings, and the only boy. However, the NYC-native has been rooted in Rochester, NY since the mid-90s.

Stephens originally came to the Roc to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. Along this path, he got bit by the radio bug.

The love of music runs deep in Stephens; starting in childhood moments with his oldest sibling, and continuing throughout his high school and college careers. When the opportunity to work in Radio was presented, it seemed like a natural progression.

Stephens was the radio host, producer, and dj for The jaythreeoh slowFlow Show for over 13 years, in which he volunteered over 20 hours per week to airtime and show prep. He was able to host and dj various events throughout the Roc during his tenure. In the midst of this, Stephens met the love of his life, now known as Jerralyn Stephens, at a nightclub no less! A short four years later, they decided to make their relationship legit before God.

In preparations for this new chapter, Stephens knew he needed to part ways with the radio’s many hours of volunteer time, and move into corporate America. In 2011, the Stephenses became homeowners and a few years later, their first prince was born, Kingston (aka Gummy Bear). They then welcomed their second born, Kenyon (aka Kelmo), just three years after that.

The Seed is Planted

Children were not the only thing being birthed during this time. In November 2015, God planted a new seed in Stephens, revealing HIS vision for a brand new Radio show, designed to give glory to the Most High. God gave the young patriarch all the ingredients, including the brand name and even who to select as co-host.

Stephens describes Brother Alex (né Alex Baez) as the “wild card” of the show. “I never know what madness he’s going to say!” He adds: “He keeps me loose, and lets me not take myself too seriously.”

But, seriously… when Stephens would see his future ministy partner at church, he would witness Baez’s love for his Heavenly Father and the way he loved to worship Him. “That was something I really admired about him, and had a longing for, with God.”

Stephens makes it his business to stay connected with God so that he can represent Him everywhere he goes. Because of this, the vision for Jesus Peace Radio Network, he says, has no boundaries. “I see God using my passion for music,” he continues, “combined with my yearning to see lives radically changed, and turning that into something mind blowing!” God would hear the prayers of the righteous man.

New Season

In late 2018, Stephens says the urge to do more began to flood his mind. “I felt the calling,” he shares, “like God was telling me, this is what you need to do.” And like that, old things were made new again.

The eMCee turned dj turned the tables, and got back to writing lyrics. As with all other aspects of the creative’s life, he is spitting rhymes to the glory of God, to make Jesus famous.

“I fought it for a long time,” Stephens confessed. “I was like, I’m too old to be starting a rap career.” Then, the clarity stepped in. “God told me, you’re not doing this for you. Get over yourself, and give Me the glory, honor, and praise that I deserve!”

One of the lines of one of the first rhymes the now-Christian-eMCee wrote was: “Because He saved me / I’m using every talent that He gave me / To praise JC!”

“I am transitioning from my made-up moniker [jaythreeoh],” adds Stephens, “and simply using my given name. Ryland Junior.” He says, as Jesus was the begotten Son of God, that he’s trying to be like his “big brother.”

“Plus, now no one will ever be able to forget the Junior in my name, which drives me nuts,” he laughs.

Ryland Junior continues to pray and believe for the explosion of Jesus Peace Network, LLC to reach the ends of the earth. He also prays that the music he creates, inspired solely by the Word of God, is inspiring to the lost, and edifying to the true children of God. Bottom line, Ryland Junior is about his Father’s business and wants to please His perfect will, in the name of #ChristJesus.

Author: J. Baez

J. Baez is so thankful for her compassionate and loving Father. She says, in all her mess, He still loves and longs for her. She strives to live to do her Father’s will; that’s one reason she’s writing for The Corner.

She says, she’s a child of God, wife and mother, “in that order.” She is incredibly blessed and overjoyed with all that God has blessed her with. Her desire is to bless others, all for His glory.

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