Is He For Real?

The Truth speaks this morning!

Today I am alive because He is alive in me.

Sometimes we may question if God is real in situations we encounter.  Then, God reminds us of all the things He has done for us that we could not do on our own.

I recently struggled with that question: Is God Real?

I had been digging and learning a lot about history between schoolwork and my own personal time. The more I researched and learned, the more I realized that we come from the history of when the Bible was given to us at the same time that slavery occurred.

I began to question if everything that I have been practicing was a lie.

I asked God. I questioned this over and over, and it really bothered me. Am I living my life the way God wants me to live? Am I worshiping the way God wants me to worship? I have only known the God and Jesus I was told about, and now understand what was given to us.



One morning I woke up and I sat in my bed, just as I normally would, and I heard the voice of God speak to me.

He reminded me of my personal prayers He’s answered for me. He reminded me when He healed me when I was sick.

He reminded me that when I prayed for Him to get me out of trouble times, He did it!

He reminded me of times I would write Him love notes in my journal and then go back to review those notes, my prayers and questions were answered.

He reminded me of the present day—as I’ve been in school, and out of work for some time—He has been financially providing for me and my son.

I understood at that moment how real He is to me in my personal life and my personal experience.

So, I say to you: if you ever question whether God is there or if He is real, or think, “Well, history says we were given the Bible, and it was man-written,” my prayer is that you remember this:

God was here before mankind.

Think of your personal relationship with God and all the things that He has done personally for you.

He is alive! And, He loves us so much to know the truth. He is truth.

Here today, I want to remind those who may have lost hope—He is with you.

God bless your day.

Author: Kamisha Bourdeaux

Kamisha Bourdeaux is a dance worshiper. God called her to dance at the age of 19. She didn’t really understand who she was, nor her purpose at the time. After experiencing life, though, she was finally able to receive God’s love, and see His faithfulness towards her.

Today, she’s able to say she finally knows both who she is, and what her purpose is. Kamisha teaches children how to worship God through dance ministry. She also encourages people that God loves all, regardless of what has been done in their past. His mercy is new every morning, and every day, she says, “we can start brand new again. Amen.”

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