Here at Jesus Peace Network, LLC, we are intent on doing the work we were called to do. Sometimes, that work requires financial support.

While a portion of the music played on the radio program is provided to us at no cost, more than 85% of the music is purchased from and other digital retailers. At an average .99 cents per tune, that cost can quickly add up. Also, as the radio program develops, there is an increased need for equipment to keep up with the demands of producing higher quality content. In addition, the music ministry we are providing has called us to visit other cities to bring our ministry to churches and other venues near and far. This is not to mention the costs incurred from hosting, developing, and maintaining this website; the online hosting of files for the #WHoxPR podcast; the promotional items, marketing, and advertising efforts to get the word out about the show and podcast; et cetera. Still, we will go where we are called by God to go, to do the work He has called us to do.

While His provision will supply a way for us to do His work, your financial assistance would go a long way as well.  Please pray to God about it, and consider making a donation to the Jesus Peace Radio Network.  Select an option below to either make your one-time or recurring donation now.

Donation options (contact us for other recurring options, e.g. bi-weekly, etc.):

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Click here to find out more about our ministry, or click here to read our back story. We thank you for helping us to continue being obedient to our Heavenly Father. To God be the glory!