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Also, please support these men and women of God by purchasing their music, as they are doing the work of the ministry in getting God’s Word out to music fans!

21:03@21o3He KnowsMomentum3.15
A. Doulos@A1DoulosDry PlacesThe Proclamation4.36
Aaron Cole@iAmAaronColeeShouldn't Be HereIf I Can Be Honest3.56
Aaron Cole@iAmAaronColeeYCHMBsingle4
Aaron Sledge@AaronSledgeSpeak a Wordself-titled3.24
Adam "Prodigal Son"@ProdigalSon615Without Yousingle3.34
Adia@AdiaSingsIn Your SeatBehind Enemy Lines4.16
Adia@AdiaSingsGiantsBehind Enemy Lines4.38
Alex Faith & Dre Murray@AlexFaithATL @DreMurray22 @RealYoungNoahTakin' TimeSouthern Lights: Overexposed 5.11
Alic "Paco" Walls@AlicWallsNo Gray (Jonathan McReynolds cover)single3.37
Ambassador, The@ambassador215Life, For RealWhen Sacred Meets Secular3.52
Ambassador, The@ambassador215Workin' ItWhen Sacred Meets Secular4.18
Ambassador, The@ambassador215Sacred or SecularWhen Sacred Meets Secular5.42
André Jamel / A-Jamel@LifeBeatMaker @OfficialTJonezThe TakeOver f. Tone Jonezsingle3.55
Andy Mineo@AndyMineoListenFormerly Known3.05
Andy Mineo@AndyMineoEveryday ThingFormerly Known3.06
Andy Mineo@AndyMineo, @MaliMusicDesperadosUncomfortable3.35
Angie Rose@AngieRoseMusikUnstoppablesingle4.05
Anthony Brown & group therAPy@AJBliveTestimonyself-titled4.17
AR@ARgotBarz1, @Datin_TripleD, @KingAllico, @JeredSanders,Real OG f. Datin, King Allico, and Jered Sanderssingle3.37
B-Shock@BShock816 @Kartez_MarcelKC @DreMurray22 @TheOfficialJusBRep How I LiveWe Are the Movement 24.43
B. Cooper@iamBCooper1,000 Times f. J.C.single4.21
Beautiful Eulogy@BeautifulEulogy, @Rapzilla, @KingKulturetitle's King Kulture4.26
Believin' Stephen@BelievinStephenDon't Be Afraid (Battling Fear)Battling Unbelief4.22
Big Fil@BigFil904 Ashes and DustI'm Just Being Me4.13
Big Fil@BigFil905, @DreMurray22, @RoyToshMusicWorship Over Swag f. Dre Murray, Roy ToshI'm Just Being Me3.42
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzle, @MontyGLOJtitle cutSurrender3.17
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleHands In the Air '94Crowns & Crosses2.55
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleBeen 100Crowns & Crosses3.24
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzle, @AlexisSpightBless His Name f. Alexis SpightCrowns & Crosses3.47
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleRoyaltyCrowns & Crosses4.13
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleThe GospelLight Work4.28
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzle, @KingAllicoWarriors f. King AllicoLight Work3.05
Blood Related Ent.#BloodRelatedEntertainment @TheNewOneVAFishbowl f. The New OneAll or Nothing: Not For Sale3.18
BoogHaddOlog@BoogHaddOlog @THaddyMusic @AceBoogie @MonologGAMess With You Tomorrowself-titled3.46
Braille@BrailleHipHopThe HardwayNative Lungs4.07
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkIDC (I Don't Care)The Mixtape2.45
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkNo RegretsThe Mixtape2.52
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkI Won't Let GoThe Mixtape3.14
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkRunThe Mixtape3.21
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkWithout YouThe Mixtape3.42
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzk @imAdrionLevelz f. Adrion Butlersingle3.45
Brinson@iAmBrinsonI'm Still AliveBlack Canvas3.28
Brinson@iAmBrinson, @MarzFerrerWhite Gold f. Marz FerrerThornz4.17
Bryann T.@KingdoMuzicHealing and RestorationTruth Teller4.19
Bryann T.@KingdoMuzic, @5iveOLA, @AHill4God, @ARonMuzikHeavy is the Head f. 5ive, Antwoine Hill, A-RonNow Do You Believe4.56
Buck Barnabas@BuckBarabasReal LoveStreetlights In Egypt3.23
Buck Barnabas@BuckBarabasThe CrossThe Lazarus Effect2.11
Buck Barnabas@BuckBarabas @Datin_TripleDWar ReadyThe Lazarus Effect2.43
C-Micah@CMicahMusic, @JonLJeffersonVanity f. Jonathan JeffersonFaith Music3.28
C.H.R.I.S.@ChrisMusic_SMMTalk To 'EmWelcome to the Truth 4.01
C.H.R.I.S.@ChrisMusic_SMMtitle cutWelcome to the Truth 4.15
Call Me Ace@AceXPattJust In CaseMisinterpretations3.16
Call Me Ace@AceXPattBurnin'as yet untitled4.16
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesBe LiftedLust, Drugs, Gospel3.57
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesNot Tired I Am Justice 3.55
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesPreacha ManI Am Justice 3.55
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesDon't WorryGreatness3.59
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesTotally Love YouFanatic3.51
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesI Give My LifeFanatic4
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesI'm YoursFanatic4.55
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesWhat You LikeI Am Justice 4.2
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesAngelsWorship Mode4.34
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesElohimGhost4
Cedric Dale Hoard@CedricDaleHoard, @ChaunteeLanaeRoColorism f. Chauntee RossHope > Hype3.24
Change@ChangeHipHop, @Datin_TripleDSon Shine f. DatinEmotionL3.15
Cho'zyn@ChozynChickz @FedelMusicFinal DestinationCovered Girl3.41
Cho'zyn@ChozynChickzSistaCovered Girl4.49
Cho'zyn@ChozynChickzCovered Girl interludeCovered Girl1.00, .38
Chris Cobbins@ChrisCobbinsHitmanAugust Season (Take One)3.35
Chris Cobbins@ChrisCobbins @TheOfficialJusBUpAugust Season (Take One)5.01
Chris Cobbins@ChrisCobbinstitle cutThe Beauty in the Beast3.18
Church B.@_ChurchBSuit UpJourni3.32
Clear Sight Music@ClearSightMusic, @MikeREAL314The ImmortalsJesus or Nothing3.39
Clear Sight Music@ClearSightMusic, @MikeREAL314, @Json314Carry MeJesus or Nothing3.57
Clowd@TheClowd_TestifyUnderground Railroad3.46
Creature Clan#CreatureClan @ECrossMusic @DJKlassyKThe Explanation f. @DJKlassyKNew Beginnings1.4
Creature Clan#CreatureClan @ECrossMusic @THaddyMusicKnow Pain, Know Gain f. Thor the Champ aka T-HaddyNew Beginnings5.05
Creature Clan#CreatureClan @ECrossMusicI'm a CreatureNew Beginnings5.08
Cross Movement, The@CrossMovement, @ambassador216, @DJOfficialDJDJ Official SpeaksHoly Culture0.44
Cross Movement, The@CrossMovement, @ambassador216Interlude: IndustryHoly Culture0.44
Cross Movement, The@CrossMovement, @ambassador215The Love LetterThe Love Compilation4.21
Crystal Nicole@1CrystalNicoleI Am...Masterpiece3.06
D-Will@TheTrueDWillAmazing GraceProject #M.O.G.3.33
D-Will@TheTrueDWillGod GivenProject #M.O.G.3.43
D-Will@TheTrueDWillMoG AnthemProject #M.O.G.3.58
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyHunger GamesLove, Hope, War3.26
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyIntermissionThe Big Picture3.54
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyGrayHeartbeat4.29
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyCopycatIt's Complicated5.03
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDuty @SpecHouse @StevenMalcolm @BookieTheBabyVetsingle3.52
Daarinah@DaarinahCray f. #ZeekTheExperienceLove Sick3.3
Daarinah@Daarinah @NoahDaGovernorOhh, Kill 'Em f. Noah da GovernorLove Sick3.23
Daarinah@DaarinahOMGLove Sick3.23
Daniel Israel@DIsraelMusic1Surrender f. John Boye, J the ProducerSurrender5.09
Datin@Datin_TripleDOne Body, One Spirit The Roar2.15
Datin@Datin_TripleDHallelujah All DayThe Roar4.41
Datin@Datin_TripleDDo It Again (Dātin’s Dead)The Menace Mixtape3.11
Datin@Datin_TripleD, @StefanOttoMusicI Won't Bow f. StefanOttoThe Menace Mixtape3.11
Datin@Datin_TripleD, @MyNameIsBizzleWords You Don't Say f. BizzleThe Menace Mixtape4
Datin@Datin_TripleDP.T.L. (Praise the Lord)The Menace Mixtape4.5
Datin@Datin_TripleDCHH Ain't Deadsingle4.31
Datin@Datin_TripleDtitle cutHell In the Hallway3.54
Dave Hollister@Dave_HollisterMore of YouWitness Protection4.27
Dead Heroes@DeadHeroes314, @Json314, @kingRoads1GOAT f. J. Roadssingle4.13
Dee Black@DeeBlackMusicRunwayFlight Club1.44
Dee Black@DeeBlackMusic, @IamPhilJTurbulenceFlight Club3.46
Dee-1@Dee1musicI'm Not Perfect (I'm a Christian)3s Up (ep)4.51
Derek Minor @TheDerekMinorWe Are (Champions)Minorville 3.43
Devin Turner@DevinTurner_Money, Money, MoneyLuminary3.27
Dillon Chase@DillonChaseOKI Hate You (Me)Speak Up, vol. 33.11
Dru Bex@DruBex @JeredSandersGood Feeling f. Jered SandersThe Good Album3.37
Dru Bex@DruBex @GoaiMusik @LaToriamusic @_imkai @KSnotwGood Cypher (Shemix) f. a.i., LaToria, Kai, Kay SadeThe Good Album4.42
Dru Bex@DruBexClosing TimeIn God's Good Time3.3
Du2ce@Du2ceGospelIn the ZoneJ.C. Saved Me, Vol. 54.03
Du2ce@Du2ceGospelYes Lord, Thank You JesusJ.C. Saved Me, Vol. 52.39
Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumfTrust In Me f. #SisterJones, #TyroneHenry777 (Mark of the Peace)3.56
Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumfI Don't Pack a Matic777 (Mark of the Peace)4.11
Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumfGive Glory to GodBeginnings4.53
E.D.I. Music@EDI__Music @WhozMEECH @HavMERCY7 @goAiMusikAd-lib f. a.i.single3.44
Echelon Knoxx@_Knoxx101, @JeremiahHicksSunday Morning f. Jeremiah HicksWhateva U Wanna Call It3.35
Echelon Knoxx@_Knoxx100Concrete Roses (rmx) f. DanniWhateva U Wanna Call It3.51
eMCee N.I.C.E.@eMCeeNICELAI Got AngelsPraise3.46
eMCee N.I.C.E.@eMCeeNICELA, @RealFredHGlory to God f. Fred Hammondsingle3.5
Erica Cumbo@EricaCumbotitle cutBeauty For Ashes3.48
Erica Cumbo@EricaCumboLive Out LoudBeauty For Ashes4.2
Erica Cumbo@EricaCumbo @RylandJuniorNo Way f. Ryland Junior (#ThisIsTheHEmix)single4.22
Eshon Burgundy@EshonBurgundy @ChrisMusic_SMMWine & Spirits f. C.H.R.I.S. Blood Rushing To My Head4.37
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundy @iamJeKobTell You WhyBlood Rushing to My Head3.51
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundy @iamJeKobThe HealthyThe Fear of God4.09
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyA Close Distant f. Lee GreenThe Fear of God4.15
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyBlood MoneyThe Fear of God4.21
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundy, @BrailleHipHopRetro SondayThe Fear of God4.21
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyControl IssuesThe Fear of God3.33
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyCan't Tell TimeThe Passover4.18
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyTestifyReach For the Sky3.17
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyNever Foldsingle5.13
Evan and Eris@EvanAndEris, @StevenMalcolmBe Alright f. Steven MalcolmSeasons3.19
Evan and Eris@EvanAndEris, @StevenMalcolmYou Know.Seasons3.16
Evan and Eris@EvanAndEris, @StevenMalcolmGlorySeasons3.52
Everyday Process @EverydayProcess @IzRealEP @MacTheDoulosMake You SmileOuttadisworld 4.16
Everyday Process @EverydayProcess @IzRealEP @MacTheDoulosJesus PrideOuttadisworld 4.47
Faith Pettis@FaithEnt7 @SevinHogMob @EshonBurgundyKingsKing4
Fern@FollowFern @ChrisDurso @DeathByMartyMarHaving Said That f. Marty, Chris Durso68 and Douglas4.15
Flame@Flame314Absolute TruthForward5.28
Flame@Flame314, @MelindaWattsSilver & Gold f. Melinda WattsGod Knows3.25
Flame & MikeREAL@Flame314 & @MikeREAL314#EscrowRevival3.26
G.I. (God's Image)@GiForever3WinningPray & Don't Worry4.48
Gentile@RapperGentileWhat's LeftDead Men Walking3.26
Germaine Martel@iAmGMartelHuman (intro)#Human 2.0: H20 (The Living Water)1.36
Germaine Martel@iAmGMartel, @CeeJonthemic, #FeeLoJesus f. CeeJ and Fee-LoHuman 3: The Holy Trilogy3.19
Germaine Martel@iAmGMartelPerfect / RighteousHuman 3: The Holy Trilogy2.30/3.19
GLO@Gloman1Oh, YeahGlorious3.29
GLO@Gloman1New ThingGlorious3.56
Go Ye@GoYeMusic @RussShanks443 @NonFixion @WhoisDejaLynnDinnahsingle4.23
God's Servant@TheServantFellaHoly, Holy, Holy f. J. WilliamsAll Glory Goes3.22
Grace and Two Fingers@Celah #GraceAndTwoFingers4,080 and 4,081single2.26
GS@ThisIsGS, @SeanCJohnsonHallelujah f. Sean C. JohnsonTRT2: That Real Talk 23.58
GS@ThisIsGSEvery KneeCommitted2.35
GS@ThisIsGS66 Bookssingle3.54
GS@ThisIsGSThe Comebacksingle3.05
Guvna B@GuvnaB @ItsNickBrewerSomeone's Watching f. Nick BrewerSecret World3.13
Guvna B@GuvnaB @MyselfFavourNever Too Late f. FavourSecret World4.26
HigHDef@HD_OhHenry44I Need JesusFollow the Leader3.28
HigHDef@HD_OhHenry44Amazing Gracesingle4.09
HigHDef@HD_OhHenry44Get Rightsingle3.24
Hilary Pradia@HilaryPradiaPretty Girl AnthemPretty Night EP4.22
iAmGrace@GraceMusicIAmWhere You Atsingle3.18
J Torah@WhoIsJTorah @WheresJor_DanCount It Up f. Jor'Dan Armstrongsingle3.23
J. Humble@JamarThaHumbledFor Sinners Only interludeFor Sinners Only1.14
J. Humble@JamarThaHumbledSafehouseFor Sinners Only3.01
J. Johnson@J_JohnsonMusic @iamJeKob @iamTragicHero @DreMurray22Who Got the PowerTimeless 4.22
J. Kirk@JKirkMusicThe Mansingle3.57
J. Moss@InsideJMossFaithGFG Reload3.39
J.Lee the Producer@JLeeProductions, @AdriAnneArchieCame Saw Conquered f. AdriAnne ArchieMusic Box3.42
J.Lee the Producer@JLeeProductions, @MarsTheWriterRightly f. Marcellus ColemanMusic Box4.28
Jackie Hill Perry@JackieHillPerryMelodies f. Jordan G. WelchCresendo1.56
Jackie Hill Perry@JackieHillPerryI Just Wanna Get ThereThe Art of Joy3.27
Jackie Hill Perry@JackieHillPerryThe Art of JoyThe Art of Joy4.15
Je'kob@iamJeKobIn the BeginningThis Side of the Sky3.04
Je'kob@iamJeKob, @JamTheHypeMy Life Ain't MineJam the Hype, vol. 1 (Life Turned Up)3.31
Je'kob@iamJeKobMake Me Over f. Conscience, #NenaLockhartFaith, Hope, & Love [Deluxe Edition]4.09
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders iPrayBlack Friday.1.12
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Brand New PersonBlack Friday.2.46
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Colin's RebuttalBlack Friday.3.08
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Child of the KingHope Is Dope3.17
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Daddy DutiesHope Is Dope4.1
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders @Datin_TripleDDon't Move That Mountain f. DatinVerseatility Mixtape4.29
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Who Am I?Daylight Saving Time4.58
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Fear of FlyingHurry Up & Wait3.07
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders FaithfulHurry Up & Wait5
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligen @J_JohnsonMusic Neverending...When Ravens Cry4.26

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