Matthew 18:20 says: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

If you have ever heard the adage, “There is power in prayer,” this scripture is the reason why. God is the power!

As you know, or are soon to find out, the Jesus Peace Radio Network is not solely about ill beats and dope rhymes; we are all about JESUS! We are a music ministry that is here to serve you. Let us help you with some of your battles; allow us pray with you! Don’t do it alone.

Do you need prayer? Give us a call; shoot us a text; send an e-mail. Whatever you do: do not fight this war alone. It is not yours! Lift it up to Christ, our Lord!!

Don’t allow the enemy to win, or convince you not to reach out. Contact us right now for prayer.

We are available at all times: 302-49-PEACE  |  that’s 302-497-3223  |  or

We would be honored to pray with you!

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