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Here, you can find the links to the What’s Happening on JPR articles, and other links that were mentioned during the broadcasts from episodes 19 through 84. Unfortunately, due to the time-consumption of keeping this page current, it is no longer being maintained. Please feel free to contact us to follow-up on anything mentioned on the show!

If you’re the type to read while listening to good radio, be sure to check out our Christian blog page, The Corner.

  • Episode 72
    • JPRMusicRevue: Kai (pronounced like the letter K), formerly known as Ms. Cypha, is one of the reasons we began the #WOGsOnJPR hashtag. Women of God who have a passion for spitting that Holy Ghost fire through dope lyricism are to be highlighted. Kai has done that in an ill way on her latest release, “F.M. (Finally Me),” which we feature on this episode.
    • Kai’s “F.M. (Finally Me)” streaming link –
    • Kai’s “F.M. (Finally Me)” purchase link –
    • Kai on Twitter –
  • Episode 60
    • #JPRMusicRevue: Bridgewater is a husband and wife duo of Christian soul, Hip Hop, jazz, R&B, and more out of Dallas, TX. Their debut EP “The Mixtape” moved us to feature the entire project on the show.
    • Bridgewater online –
    • Bridgewater’s “The Mixtape” EP purchase link –
    • Bridgewater on Twitter –
  • Episodes 49-50
    • Saved, Not Soft – This is a term some Christians use to define themselves.  We discuss the implications of this term, plus how we feel about it.  There are no site links for these episodes, as our discussion was Spirit-lead. What we had scheduled to discuss will be offset for another episode.
  • Episode 39
    • More on Forgiveness – Should the family of Robert Godwin, Sr. forgive Steve Stephens for the heinous act of broadcasting his murder on Facebook Live? There are no site links for this episode, as it was Spirit-lead. What we had scheduled to discuss will be offset for another episode.
  • Episode 34
    • #JPRMusicRevue: Mouthpi3ce is as unashamed of his Christianity as he is dope on the mic. From Atlanta’s mean streets, he still believes in “preaching that gospel, no compromise.” His latest full-length release, “The Spectacle,” blessed us, and we wanted to feature the project’s highlights on the show.
    • Mouthpi3ce’s record label, HisStory Music Group –
    • Mouthpi3ce’s “Spectacle” on Amazon –
    • Mouthpi3ce on Twitter –