“Music is what feelings sound like.” ~ author unknown

When listening to the music played on Jesus Peace Radio, most can easily sense what the feeling is. It is the feeling of love, Christlove. It’s the love of our Heavenly Father.

This radio program is not simply about the dope music being played. It’s about getting out the Truth, the Good News, that God is Love, and that He is so in love with you! He desires a relationship with you. We pray that you receive that gift, that He has given to you freely.

We have been activated to be the hands and the feet of our God; to do the work of The Father here on earth. The Jesus Peace Radio Network will continue to spread His Word over the airwaves, and working to please His Will, until we are called to serve Him otherwise.

This music ministry is here to support you, as well. Please visit our Prayer page—let us pray with you! Don’t do it alone.

Also, this ministry could use your support. Please check out our Give page, and find out about donating to the ministry of the Jesus Peace Radio Network.

Please be sure to contact us if you would like to bring this ministry to your church, or if God is calling you to assist us in spreading His Word!