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We believe in the power of the Lord, Jesus Christ. And, we love Hip Hop and Soul music. His Magnificence and those melodies form the “beautiful tension” listeners have come to know and love right here, only here on the Jesus Peace Radio Network.

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The JPR Story

If you’re a fan of Hip Hop and/or soul music, and were living in Rochester, NY in the 2000s, you may be familiar with jaythreeoh, his familial moniker Uncle Treezy, or his stolen tagline: “You ain’t know?! Ya betta axsumbodee!!”duo_xparent

The slowFlow Show brought real Hip Hop and soul music to 89.7 WITR-FM, every weekday morning from 9am-12noon. His mix of old and new, from slow jams to hardcore, in addition to his unashamed love of the plus-size woman, kept listeners on their toes for over a decade.

Now, jaythreeoh’s unashamed love is directed towards the Most High God. He is still a fan of the same music. However, in the heart of the music’s content is also a resounding aura of the Spirit of the True and Living One.

Along with praise and worship leader, Brother Alex, the duo is set to firmly inject Jesus in the airwaves. Jesus Peace Radio: Christ-centered Hip Hop and soul music, all for His glory. You’ll hear raw honesty of the musical styling, coupled with strong faith-based content within the lyrics. It’s a beautiful tension of real Hip Hop culture through the eyes of two men of God, unashamed to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ over the airwaves. We pray; we chat; we bang.

There are verses in these verses. There is Truth in these tracks. But, there is no I in He. Get on the team!


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Please see below for a list of music that is currently in rotation on Jesus Peace Radio. Feel free to call or text us at 302-49-PEACE (302-497-3223) with your requests, and shout outs, too.

Also, please support these men and women of God by purchasing their music, as they are doing the work of the ministry in getting God’s Word out to music fans!

Twitter Handle
Cross Movement, The@CrossMovement, @ambassador216, @DJOfficialDJDJ Official SpeaksHoly Culture0.44
Cross Movement, The@CrossMovement, @ambassador216Interlude: IndustryHoly Culture0.44
Whoz Meech@WhozMEECHHow We Livin' (interlude)How We Livin'1.03
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders iPrayBlack Friday.1.12
J. Humble@JamarThaHumbledFor Sinners Only interludeFor Sinners Only1.14
Redeemed Thought#RedeemedThought @dawhiSTLeblowerTruth (interlude)Truth, Beauty, Goodness1.25
Germaine Martel@iAmGMartelHuman (intro)#Human 2.0: H20 (The Living Water)1.36
Creature Clan#CreatureClan @ECrossMusic @DJKlassyKThe Explanation f. @DJKlassyKNew Beginnings1.4
Dee Black@DeeBlackMusicRunwayFlight Club1.44
Ryland Junior@RylandJuniorI Got Cha Opin (#ThisIsTheHEmix)Olde Skool Flip Hop1.54
Jackie Hill Perry@JackieHillPerryMelodies f. Jordan G. WelchCresendo1.56
Timothy Brindle@TimothyBrindleThe RuinThe Restoration1.57
Bigg S.W.A.G.G.@BiggSwagg_God is Who We Choosesingle2.08
Ryland Junior@RylandJunior @HomageBeatsFormal Introduction freestyle (prod. by: Homage Beats)The Love Seat Freestyles series2.1
Ryland Junior@RylandJuniorGod Is Love (Uproar freestyle)The Love Seat Freestyles series2.1
Buck Barnabas@BuckBarabasThe CrossThe Lazarus Effect2.11
Datin@Datin_TripleDOne Body, One Spirit The Roar2.15
Social Club@SocialClubMSFTS @ChrisDursoViva La Misfit f. Chris DursoUs2.16
Lecrae@Lecraetitle cutChurch Clothes2.24
Grace and Two Fingers@Celah #GraceAndTwoFingers4,080 and 4,081single2.26
GS@ThisIsGSEvery KneeCommitted2.35
Kindle Flame@Kindle_FlameBreak ThruWarrior Music: Bible the Weapon 1.52.35
Phil J@IamPhilJReal LuvForeigner2.36
S.O.@SOtheKid, @DruBexWhere Would I Be f. Dru Bexsingle2.37
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiHallxlujahF.M. (Finally Me)2.38
Du2ce@Du2ceGospelYes Lord, Thank You JesusJ.C. Saved Me, Vol. 52.39
Shamica@ShamicaBFreshThank God For Another Daysingle2.39
Buck Barnabas@BuckBarabas @Datin_TripleDWar ReadyThe Lazarus Effect2.43
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkIDC (I Don't Care)The Mixtape2.45
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Brand New PersonBlack Friday.2.46
Jermaine Dolly@JermaineDollyI Don't Wanna Be MosesThe Dolly Express2.49
Phil J@IamPhilJGod Be With MeDiamond In the Rough2.49
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkNo RegretsThe Mixtape2.52
Kadence@KadenceOKCLevitateAnnihilation: Die Daily2.53
Tone Spain@ToneSpain @JJohnson215Cut It Out f. J. Johnsonsingle2.53
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleHands In the Air '94Crowns & Crosses2.55
Prayz1@Prayz1Short Change 'EmPainful Joy2.55
No Malice@NoMalice757Hear Ye Him outroHear Ye Him2.58
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesThe Psalms III (intro)The Psalms III3
J. Humble@JamarThaHumbledSafehouseFor Sinners Only3.01
Mike Peace #MikePeaceMy ManifestoThreat to Society3.02
Throne Seekers@ThroneSeekersReppin'Narrow Path3.02
Je'kob@iamJeKobIn the BeginningThis Side of the Sky3.04
Speez@Speez_IDJSoul FoodLet Me Introduce Myself3.04
Andy Mineo@AndyMineoListenFormerly Known3.05
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzle, @KingAllicoWarriors f. King AllicoLight Work3.05
GS@ThisIsGSThe Comebacksingle3.05
KB@kb_HGANew PortraitToday We Rebel3.05
Andy Mineo@AndyMineoEveryday ThingFormerly Known3.06
Crystal Nicole@1CrystalNicoleI Am...Masterpiece3.06
Read B. Verses@ReadBVersesPink Panthersingle3.06
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Fear of FlyingHurry Up & Wait3.07
Jonathan Jefferson@JonLJeffersonBeen Goodsingle3.07
Json@Json314Like ThatNo Filter3.07
Phil J@IamPhilJtitle cutForeigner3.07
Terence Penny@TerencePenny1TP the RebelTP the EP3.07
Ty Cage@Tee_Y_DaCageThat LifeWords3.07
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Colin's RebuttalBlack Friday.3.08
Knine@KnineMusicOldTheater of the Mind3.09
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBaraka, @Rapzilla,'s King Kulture: Stop the Traffic3.09
Mike Sarge@Mike_SargePeep Thatsingle3.1
Datin@Datin_TripleDDo It Again (Dātin’s Dead)The Menace Mixtape3.11
Datin@Datin_TripleD, @StefanOttoMusicI Won't Bow f. StefanOttoThe Menace Mixtape3.11
Dillon Chase@DillonChaseOKI Hate You (Me)Speak Up, vol. 33.11
Lish@LishSpeaksGibberishPlease Use Exact Change3.12
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBaraka, @SeanCJohnsonPianos In Jericho f. Sean C. JohnsonThe Narrative, Vol. 2: Pianos & Politics3.12
TC The Collector@TheCollectorTCMirror ManImperfectville3.12
TC The Collector@TheCollectorTCPermissiveImperfectville3.12
Guvna B@GuvnaB @ItsNickBrewerSomeone's Watching f. Nick BrewerSecret World3.13
Willie Moore, Jr.@PWillie1, @MyNameIsBizzleWe WinningThe Turning Point3.13
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkI Won't Let GoThe Mixtape3.14
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiF.M. (intro)F.M. (Finally Me)3.14
Scott Simms@2ScottSimms @RileyTerrellHeart Check f. Rell RileyDavid3.14
21:03@21o3He KnowsMomentum3.15
Change@ChangeHipHop, @Datin_TripleDSon Shine f. DatinEmotionL3.15
Steven Malcolm@StevenMalcolm, @LeelandOfficialEven Louder f. LeelandThe Second City3.15
Call Me Ace@AceXPattJust In CaseMisinterpretations3.16
Evan and Eris@EvanAndErisYou Know.Seasons3.16
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceMore or LessSpectacle3.16
R-Swift@OfficialRSwiftAwesome GodAnthem3.16
Viktory@ViktoryR4You Still Heard Me f. Andrea BrownRelentless 4ever (R4), Vol. 23.16
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzle, @MontyGLOJtitle cutSurrender3.17
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyTestifyReach For the Sky3.17
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Child of the KingHope Is Dope3.17
Throne Seekers@ThroneSeekersFiestaNarrow Path3.17
Blood Related Ent.#BloodRelatedEntertainment @TheNewOneVAFishbowl f. The New OneAll or Nothing: Not For Sale3.18
Chris Cobbins@ChrisCobbinstitle cutThe Beauty in the Beast3.18
iAmGrace@GraceMusicIAmWhere You Atsingle3.18
K-Drama & Scott Simms@KDrama513 @2ScottSimms @ChardeJonesShow Me How to Love f. Chardé JonesGame Night3.18
Uncle Reece@UncleReece, @TheCantonJonesHave Your Heart f. Canton JonesBold3.18
Evan and Eris@EvanAndEris, @StevenMalcolmBe Alright f. Steven MalcolmSeasons3.19
Germaine Martel@iAmGMartel, @CeeJonthemic, #FeeLoJesus f. CeeJ and Fee-LoHuman 3: The Holy Trilogy3.19
Lish@LishSpeaks40 Acres & a JewelerMelanated3.2
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceDope DealersL&F (Lost & Found) II: Raising the Dead3.2
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkRunThe Mixtape3.21
Throne Seekers@ThroneSeekersHold It Downsingle3.21
God's Servant@TheServantFellaHoly, Holy, Holy f. J. WilliamsAll Glory Goes3.22
Nak Daniels@NakDanielsBishop LeroyNo Water in Hell3.22
Buck Barnabas@BuckBarabasReal LoveStreetlights In Egypt3.23
Daarinah@Daarinah @NoahDaGovernorOhh, Kill 'Em f. Noah da GovernorLove Sick3.23
Daarinah@DaarinahOMGLove Sick3.23
J Torah@WhoIsJTorah @WheresJor_DanCount It Up f. Jor'Dan Armstrongsingle3.23
Legin@LeginTVtitle cutFear Not3.23
Aaron Sledge@AaronSledgeSpeak a Wordself-titled3.24
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleBeen 100Crowns & Crosses3.24
Cedric Dale Hoard@CedricDaleHoard, @ChaunteeLanaeRoColorism f. Chauntee RossHope > Hype3.24
HigHDef@HD_OhHenry44Get Rightsingle3.24
Flame@Flame314, @MelindaWattsSilver & Gold f. Melinda WattsGod Knows3.25
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyHunger GamesLove, Hope, War3.26
Flame & MikeREAL@Flame314 & @MikeREAL314#EscrowRevival3.26
Gentile@RapperGentileWhat's LeftDead Men Walking3.26
Devin Turner@DevinTurner_Money, Money, MoneyLuminary3.27
Jackie Hill Perry@JackieHillPerryI Just Wanna Get ThereThe Art of Joy3.27
King Daven@King_Daven2323 @NakDanielsMiami Vibes f. Nak Danielssingle3.27
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesHome SickFreely Received, Freely Given3.27
Brinson@iAmBrinsonI'm Still AliveBlack Canvas3.28
C-Micah@CMicahMusic, @JonLJeffersonVanity f. Jonathan JeffersonFaith Music3.28
HigHDef@HD_OhHenry44I Need JesusFollow the Leader3.28
Noah Da Governor@NoahDaGovernorYeshuasingle3.28
Tone Spain@ToneSpain @DeeBlackMusicUnclean f. Dee Blacksingle3.28
GLO@Gloman1Oh, YeahGlorious3.29
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiSippin'F.M. (Finally Me)3.29
Nadirah Dawson@NadirahMusicTake You Theresingle3.29
Uncle Reece@UncleReece, @TheCantonJonesHealing f. Canton JonesMusic For the Fans, Summer 20173.29
Daarinah@DaarinahCray f. #ZeekTheExperienceLove Sick3.3
Dru Bex@DruBexClosing TimeIn God's Good Time3.3
Renaissance Music@RMMusictv, @LeginTV, @SinaiForReal, @iAm_FocusSafe House f. Legin, Focus, and SinaiRMM presents: Safe House3.3
Je'kob@iamJeKob, @JamTheHypeMy Life Ain't MineJam the Hype, vol. 1 (Life Turned Up)3.31
Phil J@IamPhilJLife Goes OnNu Age Soul3.31
Rell Riley@RileyTerrell @DaLomonzeNever Know f. Che’jinahe & DalomonzeThe Struggle Shoulda Never Came (mixtape)3.31
Church B.@_ChurchBSuit UpJourni3.32
Json@Json314 @TheDerekMinor @Rapzilla @KingKultureRejuvenated f. Future Pro, Derek's King Kulture: Stop the Traffic3.32
Kayla Starks@K_LAOfficial, @dseibles_, @AlicWallsBE f. Dseibles, Alic Walls#HashtagFusionFriday3.32
D-Will@TheTrueDWillAmazing GraceProject #M.O.G.3.33
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyControl IssuesThe Fear of God3.33
KamBINO@KamBINO79Beautiful Rain f. Lauren MoniqueIndependence3.33
Thor the Champ / T Haddy@THaddyMusicTuning Out the BackgroundMotivation 2.03.33
Adam "Prodigal Son"@ProdigalSon615Without Yousingle3.34
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiAmenF.M. (Finally Me)3.34
Andy Mineo@AndyMineo, @MaliMusicDesperadosUncomfortable3.35
Chris Cobbins@ChrisCobbinsHitmanAugust Season (Take One)3.35
Echelon Knoxx@_Knoxx101, @JeremiahHicksSunday Morning f. Jeremiah HicksWhateva U Wanna Call It3.35
Ray June@RayJuneOnlineCan't Lose f. Carnelle RoyaleStay Troopy3.35
ShySpeaks@ShySpeaks, @SeanCJohnsonBalance f. Sean C. JohnsonInvited EP3.35
C. Elevation@CElevation78Way Upsingle3.36
Alic "Paco" Walls@AlicWallsNo Gray (Jonathan McReynolds cover)single3.37
AR@ARgotBarz1, @Datin_TripleD, @KingAllico, @JeredSanders,Real OG f. Datin, King Allico, and Jered Sanderssingle3.37
BoogHaddOlog@BoogHaddOlog @THaddyMusic @AceBoogie @MonologGAMeet Himself-titled3.37
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyWithout GodThe Whole Truth3.37
Dru Bex@DruBex @JeredSandersGood Feeling f. Jered SandersThe Good Album3.37
K-Drama & Rell Riley@KDrama513 @RileyTerrellI Ain't Going BackAkronati3.37
Richard Dauphin@RichardDauphinFMG (For My God)The Good Life3.37
Wande@OMGitsWandeThey Didn't Knowsingle3.37
Clear Sight Music@ClearSightMusic, @MikeREAL314The ImmortalsJesus or Nothing3.39
J. Moss@InsideJMossFaithGFG Reload3.39
MikeREAL@MikeREAL314Vital SignsMind of Hollis3.39
Tone Spain@ToneSpainJames Hardensingle3.4
Cho'zyn@ChozynChickz @FedelMusicFinal DestinationCovered Girl3.41
Mark J#MarkJMergeAn Everyday World3.41
R-Swift@OfficialRSwifttitle cutAnthem3.41
S.O.@SOtheKidI See YouThese Things Take Time3.41
Big Fil@BigFil905, @DreMurray22, @RoyToshMusicWorship Over Swag f. Dre Murray, Roy ToshI'm Just Being Me3.42
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzkWithout YouThe Mixtape3.42
J.Lee the Producer@JLeeProductions, @AdriAnneArchieCame Saw Conquered f. AdriAnne ArchieMusic Box3.42
KB@kb_HGANo Chainssingle3.42
Aaron Rodgers@Aaron_Rodgers_title cutFearless Church3.43
D-Will@TheTrueDWillGod GivenProject #M.O.G.3.43
Derek Minor @TheDerekMinorWe Are (Champions)Minorville 3.43
E.D.I. Music@EDI__Music @WhozMEECH @HavMERCY7 @goAiMusikAd-lib f. a.i.single3.44
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligenNo Contest f. Mild GeniusFighting Stance3.44
KlarKent / N.W.J.@KlarKentMusic, @GetAtKK, @theDerekMinorOh, My God f. Derek Minorsingle3.44
Mission@ThaMissionOnly OneAll of You, None of Me3.44
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceI Do It (Giving)Spectacle3.44
Pacaso Ramirez@PacasoRamirezMarried to the LambVoices in the Wilderness3.44
Bridgewater@BridgewaterMuzk @imAdrionLevelz f. Adrion Butlersingle3.45
Jermaine Dolly@JermaineDollyCome and Knock On Our DoorThe Dolly Express3.45
Jor'Dan Armstrong@WheresJor_DanSo Much LuvVibes3.45
Kadence@KadenceOKCtitle cutAnnihilation: Die Daily3.45
Lecrae@LecraeIndwelling SinRebel3.45
Milliyon@IAmMilliyonHands Highsingle3.45
BoogHaddOlog@BoogHaddOlog @THaddyMusic @AceBoogie @MonologGAMess With You Tomorrowself-titled3.46
Clowd@TheClowd_TestifyUnderground Railroad3.46
Dee Black@DeeBlackMusic, @IamPhilJTurbulenceFlight Club3.46
eMCee N.I.C.E.@eMCeeNICELAI Got AngelsPraise3.46
Jor'Dan Armstrong@WheresJor_Dan @MyNameIsBizzleRight Back f. BizzleBlsd (Deluxe Edition)3.46
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzle, @AlexisSpightBless His Name f. Alexis SpightCrowns & Crosses3.47
Erica Cumbo@EricaCumbotitle cutBeauty For Ashes3.48
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiBooks A MillionF.M. (Finally Me)3.49
Knine@KnineMusicDimeBorn Again3.49
Sevin & Sevin Duce@SevinHogMob & @SevinDuceHogMobReal 1From the Park to the Palace3.49
eMCee N.I.C.E.@eMCeeNICELA, @RealFredHGlory to God f. Fred Hammondsingle3.5
Washington Projects, The@WPonline @RachaelMessini @iAmJekobtitle cutLight Up the Dark3.5
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesTotally Love YouFanatic3.51
Double ATL@Double_ATL @DeeBlackMusicBlessing f. Dee Blacksingle3.51
Echelon Knoxx@_Knoxx100Concrete Roses (rmx) f. DanniWhateva U Wanna Call It3.51
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundy @iamJeKobTell You WhyBlood Rushing to My Head3.51
Scott Simms@2ScottSimmsWho5 Stones3.51
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBarakaOh, WellLions & Liars 3.51
Uncle Reece@UncleReeceBananassingle3.51
Ambassador, The@ambassador215Life, For RealWhen Sacred Meets Secular3.52
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDuty @SpecHouse @StevenMalcolm @BookieTheBabyVetsingle3.52
Evan and Eris@EvanAndErisGlorySeasons3.52
S.O.@SOtheKidMe f. #JWilliamsSo It Ends3.52
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyIntermissionThe Big Picture3.54
Datin@Datin_TripleDtitle cutHell In the Hallway3.54
GS@ThisIsGS66 Bookssingle3.54
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiWilling But WeakF.M. (Finally Me)3.54
New Cool, The@NewCoolMovementMainlineWe Run Cool3.54
Tauren Wells@TaurenWells @RylandJuniorKnown f. Ryland Junior (#ThisIsTheHEmix)Hills and Valleys3.54
Trip Lee@TripLeeHeart ProblemsThe Good Life3.54
André Jamel / A-Jamel@LifeBeatMaker @OfficialTJonezThe TakeOver f. Tone Jonezsingle3.55
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesNot Tired I Am Justice 3.55
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesPreacha ManI Am Justice 3.55
Lecrae@Lecrae @AnthonyEvansJrBoastingRehab3.55
Liz Vice@LizViceOFFICIAL‏The SourceThere's a Light3.55
Thre (formerly Brother 3)@iAmThre @iAmTheRealHectorOpenly ChristianOpenly Christian, Vol. 13.55
Tone Spain@ToneSpain @ReadBVersesFal$e Profit$ f. Read B. Versessingle3.55
Tragic Hero@iAmTragicHeroForever KingMy Own Worst Enemy3.55
Aaron Cole@iAmAaronColeeShouldn't Be HereIf I Can Be Honest3.56
Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumfTrust In Me f. #SisterJones, #TyroneHenry777 (Mark of the Peace)3.56
GLO@Gloman1New ThingGlorious3.56
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligenOutsidesingle3.56
Throne Seekers@ThroneSeekersDndNarrow Path3.56
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesBe LiftedLust, Drugs, Gospel3.57
Clear Sight Music@ClearSightMusic, @MikeREAL314, @Json314Carry MeJesus or Nothing3.57
J. Kirk@JKirkMusicThe Mansingle3.57
D-Will@TheTrueDWillMoG AnthemProject #M.O.G.3.58
GS@ThisIsGS, @SeanCJohnsonHallelujah f. Sean C. JohnsonTRT2: That Real Talk 23.58
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligentitle cutFighting Stance3.58
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBarakaHigher LoveTurn My Life Up3.58
Todd Bangz@ToddBangz @JJohnson215Christ Is f. J. JohnsonThink It's a Game 3.58
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesDon't WorryGreatness3.59
Json@Json314My GNo Filter3.59
Thor the Champ / T Haddy@THaddyMusic, @AceBoogieFold Under PressureMotivation 2.03.59
Aaron Cole@iAmAaronColeeYCHMBsingle4
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesI Give My LifeFanatic4
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesElohimGhost4
Datin@Datin_TripleD, @MyNameIsBizzleWords You Don't Say f. BizzleThe Menace Mixtape4
Faith Pettis@FaithEnt7 @SevinHogMob @EshonBurgundyKingsKing4
Milliyon@IAmMilliyon, @ThaMissionWest Go Crazy f. MissionPassion4
Pastor AD3@PastorAD3Not PerfectNvrfrgt4
C.H.R.I.S.@ChrisMusic_SMMTalk To 'EmWelcome to the Truth 4.01
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceLack of KnowledgeSpectacle4.01
Plain James@PlainJamesDWSearchingTrap Theology II: Deluxe Edition4.01
Sevin@SevinHogMob, @JeredSandersRefine Me f. Jered SandersRather Die Than Deny4.01
Young Noah@RealYoungNoahClosest FriendSlick Depression4.01
KB@kb_HGA @RayOnHisWayDie Richsingle4.02
Skrip@SkripMusic, @KadenceOKCFlawless Victory f. Kadencesingle4.02
Du2ce@Du2ceGospelIn the ZoneJ.C. Saved Me, Vol. 54.03
Knine@KnineMusicOn My KneesTheater of the Mind4.03
Melissa T.@MelissaTMusicNever ChangingWhere Is the Love?4.03
Todd Bangz@ToddBangzThe TongueThink It's a Game 4.03
Todd Bangz@ToddBangzNever AgainThink It's a Game 4.03
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKaiCan't LoseF.M. (Finally Me)4.04
Torrance Rudd@TRuddMusiqIf He Did It For MeReligion Almost Killed Me4.04
Angie Rose@AngieRoseMusikUnstoppablesingle4.05
Kelly Mac@Maccin_sWORDTherapyThe Bridge4.05
Steven Malcolm@StevenMalcolmNot To Us / Good Love f. Anderson Michael, Taylor HillThe Second City4.05
Kai (formerly Ms. Cypha)@_imKai @TheClowd_Red, White, and Black f. Clowdsingle4.06
Spec@SpecHouse @itsChrissyLaneLobby Level f. ChrissyLaneVacancy 2: Back of the Bus4.06
Braille@BrailleHipHopThe HardwayNative Lungs4.07
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesMulti Colored CoatThe Psalms IV4.07
MikeREAL@MikeREAL314 @JonLJeffersonHostage/Rescue Me f. Jonathan JeffersonMind of Hollis4.08
Thre (formerly Brother 3)@iAmThreThat's What You ThoughtOpenly Christian, Vol. 14.08
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundy @iamJeKobThe HealthyThe Fear of God4.09
HigHDef@HD_OhHenry44Amazing Gracesingle4.09
Je'kob@iamJeKobMake Me Over f. Conscience, #NenaLockhartFaith, Hope, & Love [Deluxe Edition]4.09
Lecrae@LecraeCan't Stop Me Nowas yet untitled4.09
Sevin@SevinHogMobtitle cutPurple Heart4.09
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Daddy DutiesHope Is Dope4.1
MikeREAL@MikeREAL314Season FinaleMind of Hollis4.1
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesY'all KnowThe Psalms III4.1
Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumfI Don't Pack a Matic777 (Mark of the Peace)4.11
Kirk Franklin@Kirk FranklinLove Theorysingle4.11
Jordan G. Welch@JordiGWelchtitle cutHighlights4.12
Melissa T.@MelissaTMusicKeep Lovin'Where Is the Love?4.12
Pastor AD3@PastorAD3Seensingle4.12
Sean C. Johnson@SeanCJohnsonStill BreathingSurrender All (Simply a Vessel, Vol. 3)4.12
Sean C. Johnson@SeanCJohnsonUnoRace the Sun4.12
Big Fil@BigFil904 Ashes and DustI'm Just Being Me4.13
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleRoyaltyCrowns & Crosses4.13
Dead Heroes@DeadHeroes314, @Json314, @kingRoads1GOAT f. J. Roadssingle4.13
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceDo It Like PaulSpectacle4.13
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceWhen I Was BadSpectacle4.13
Phil J@IamPhilJMore of YouNu Age Soul4.14
Sean Slaughter@SeanSlaughterFlesh Killer f. #JRMan of Fire4.14
C.H.R.I.S.@ChrisMusic_SMMtitle cutWelcome to the Truth 4.15
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyA Close Distant f. Lee GreenThe Fear of God4.15
Fern@FollowFern @ChrisDurso @DeathByMartyMarHaving Said That f. Marty, Chris Durso68 and Douglas4.15
Jackie Hill Perry@JackieHillPerryThe Art of JoyThe Art of Joy4.15
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesParadigm ShiftThe Psalms III4.15
Adia@AdiaSingsIn Your SeatBehind Enemy Lines4.16
Call Me Ace@AceXPattBurnin'as yet untitled4.16
Everyday Process @EverydayProcess @IzRealEP @MacTheDoulosMake You SmileOuttadisworld 4.16
K-Drama@KDrama513 @DMaubThe HeartThe 8th4.16
Milliyon@IAmMilliyon, @EvanAndErisFire f. Eris FordLong Live the King4.16
On Faith Entertainment#OnFaithEntertainment @RoyAlMusicJesus ReignsThat Faith Music4.16
Tony Tillman@TheTonyTillmanThankfulsingle4.16
Uncle Reece@UncleReece, @WheresJor_DanCan't Help Myself f. Jor'Dan ArmstrongBold4.16
Vic & Mo@VicWooe @MoeLovieTrue Meaning of Lovesingle4.16
Anthony Brown & group therAPy@AJBliveTestimonyself-titled4.17
Brinson@iAmBrinson, @MarzFerrerWhite Gold f. Marz FerrerThornz4.17
Redeemed Thought#RedeemedThought @dawhiSTLeblowerDove SoapTruth, Beauty, Goodness4.17
Ambassador, The@ambassador215Workin' ItWhen Sacred Meets Secular4.18
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyCan't Tell TimeThe Passover4.18
Bryann T.@KingdoMuzicHealing and RestorationTruth Teller4.19
Tone Spain@ToneSpain @JCrumMusic @Trav_is_Music Gideon's Plight f. J. CrumLoose Gems: Renaissance Man4.19
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesWhat You LikeI Am Justice 4.2
Erica Cumbo@EricaCumboLive Out LoudBeauty For Ashes4.2
Mark J#MarkJChampionAn Everyday World4.2
B. Cooper@iamBCooper1,000 Times f. J.C.single4.21
Cross Movement, The@CrossMovement, @ambassador215The Love LetterThe Love Compilation4.21
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyBlood MoneyThe Fear of God4.21
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundy, @BrailleHipHopRetro SondayThe Fear of God4.21
Uncle Reece@UncleReeceWorship Like We Used To #WLWUTLove You Forever4.21
Believin' Stephen@BelievinStephenDon't Be Afraid (Battling Fear)Battling Unbelief4.22
Erica Cumbo@EricaCumbo @RylandJuniorNo Way f. Ryland Junior (#ThisIsTheHEmix)single4.22
Hilary Pradia@HilaryPradiaPretty Girl AnthemPretty Night EP4.22
J. Johnson@J_JohnsonMusic @iamJeKob @iamTragicHero @DreMurray22Who Got the PowerTimeless 4.22
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligenOFighting Stance4.22
Kayla Starks@K_LAOfficialGloryThe Crown4.22
Go Ye@GoYeMusic @RussShanks443 @NonFixion @WhoisDejaLynnDinnahsingle4.23
Nak Daniels@NakDanielsMushroom Clouds f. #RevMizzNo Water in Hell4.23
Sevin@SevinHogMobBlow My HighPurple Heart4.24
Walls Group, The@TheWallsGroupThe PrayerThe Other Side4.24
Walls Group, The@TheWallsGroupMercyThe Other Side4.24
Level 3:16#Level316Crazyself-titled4.25
Neek Smif@NeekSmifKngdm Cmesingle4.25
R-Swift@OfficialRSwiftHeld Me Down f. JaiAnthem4.25
Beautiful Eulogy@BeautifulEulogy, @Rapzilla, @KingKulturetitle's King Kulture4.26
Guvna B@GuvnaB @MyselfFavourNever Too Late f. FavourSecret World4.26
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligen @J_JohnsonMusic Neverending...When Ravens Cry4.26
Ty Brasel@Ty_BraselFirst Love1994 Until4.26
Uncle Reece@UncleReecetitle cutLove You Forever4.26
Dave Hollister@Dave_HollisterMore of YouWitness Protection4.27
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesCo-SignerThe Psalms III4.27
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesWatchin'The Psalms III4.27
Bizzle@MyNameIsBizzleThe GospelLight Work4.28
J.Lee the Producer@JLeeProductions, @MarsTheWriterRightly f. Marcellus ColemanMusic Box4.28
Read B. Verses@ReadBVersesRead Between the Linessingle4.28
Sevin@SevinHogMobForgivenPurple Heart4.28
Spec@SpecHouseLove Me, Love Me NotVacancy4.28
Tee-Wyla@Tee_Wyla @Datin_TripleD @RagingMoses @StefanOttoMusic @JeredSandersI Got the Spirit f. Datin, Raging Moses, StefanOtto, and Jered Sanderssingle4.28
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyGrayHeartbeat4.29
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders @Datin_TripleDDon't Move That Mountain f. DatinVerseatility Mixtape4.29
Json@Json314Stunna f. TonyNo Filter4.29
Mouthpi3ce@Mouthpi3ceThese Are the ThingsSpectacle4.29
Read B. Verses@ReadBVerses @ToneSpainThey Weird f. Tone Spainsingle4.3
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBaraka4ver Is 2morrow f. #JAMM Lions & Liars 4.3
T. Prophet@TProphet01FilthyTransparency: Without God, I'm Truly Nothing4.3
Tone Spain@ToneSpain @ReadBVersesBelieve f. Read B. Versessingle4.3
Datin@Datin_TripleDCHH Ain't Deadsingle4.31
Tobias@tobiasROCQ&AStrange Fire4.31
Triple O@TripleOmusicStarted AgainZero Not Equal To One4.32
LaToria@LaToriaMusicPull Me Closesingle4.33
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesAngelsWorship Mode4.34
PyRexx@PyRexxTBZ, T_BurtonTBZOpen Itsingle4.34
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligen @JeredSanders Breaking Boulders f. Jered SandersFighting Stance4.35
Thor the Champ / T Haddy@THaddyMusicLive For YouMotivation 2.04.35
A. Doulos@A1DoulosDry PlacesThe Proclamation4.36
Tone Spain@ToneSpainCries of the Hood f. Zakk BaileyLoose Gems: Renaissance Man4.36
Eshon Burgundy@EshonBurgundy @ChrisMusic_SMMWine & Spirits f. C.H.R.I.S. Blood Rushing To My Head4.37
Adia@AdiaSingsGiantsBehind Enemy Lines4.38
Koryn Hawthorne@KorynHawthorne, @EricaCumboWon't He Do It (rmx) f. Erica CumboUnstoppable4.39
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBarakaWords, 2016The Narrative4.39
Tee-Wyla@Tee_Wyla @ArmondWakeUp #JonathanBakerI Got It f. Armond WakeUp, Jonathan Bakersingle4.39
Datin@Datin_TripleDHallelujah All DayThe Roar4.41
Saint Jones@TheSaintJonesIrregularThe Psalms of Saint Jones4.41
Uncle Reece@UncleReeceUntil I Pass OutBold4.41
Dru Bex@DruBex @GoaiMusik @LaToriamusic @_imkai @KSnotwGood Cypher (Shemix) f. a.i., LaToria, Kai, Kay SadeThe Good Album4.42
B-Shock@BShock816 @Kartez_MarcelKC @DreMurray22 @TheOfficialJusBRep How I LiveWe Are the Movement 24.43
Tone Spain@ToneSpain, @JeredSanders, @ReadBVerses, @DeeBlackMusic, @iAmThreSpiricism f. Jered Sanders, Read B. Verses, Dee Black, ThreLoose Gems: Renaissance Man4.44
Sean C. Johnson@SeanCJohnsonObeyDays Like This4.45
Everyday Process @EverydayProcess @IzRealEP @MacTheDoulosJesus PrideOuttadisworld 4.47
G.I. (God's Image)@GiForever3WinningPray & Don't Worry4.48
Cho'zyn@ChozynChickzSistaCovered Girl4.49
Uncle Reece@UncleReeceUnleash the Worshipsingle4.49
Datin@Datin_TripleDP.T.L. (Praise the Lord)The Menace Mixtape4.5
Dee-1@Dee1musicI'm Not Perfect (I'm a Christian)3s Up (ep)4.51
Dwayne Tryumf@DwayneTryumfGive Glory to GodBeginnings4.53
Read B. Verses@ReadBVerses @ToneSpainServants of Christ f. Tone SpainProducts of Our Environment4.53
Canton Jones@TheCantonJonesI'm YoursFanatic4.55
Bryann T.@KingdoMuzic, @5iveOLA, @AHill4God, @ARonMuzikHeavy is the Head f. 5ive, Antwoine Hill, A-RonNow Do You Believe4.56
Thi'sl@Thisl, @FLAME314, @Json314Take My LifeFallen King4.57
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders Who Am I?Daylight Saving Time4.58
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligen @iAmThreThe Code f. Thre, 22Fighting Stance4.59
Jered Sanders @JeredSanders FaithfulHurry Up & Wait5
Milliyon@IAmMilliyon, @EvanAndErisPulse f. Evan FordPassion5
On Faith Entertainment#OnFaithEntertainment @RoyAlMusictitle cutThat Faith Music5
Read B. Verses@ReadBVerses @DruBex @WhozMEECH9 to 5 f. Dru Bex, Whoz Meechsingle5
Chris Cobbins@ChrisCobbins @TheOfficialJusBUpAugust Season (Take One)5.01
Da' T.R.U.T.H.@TruthOnDutyCopycatIt's Complicated5.03
Sho Baraka@AmIshoBaraka, @ChinuaHawkMercy On MeLions & Liars 5.04
Trip Lee@TripLeeIdkThe Waiting Room5.04
Creature Clan#CreatureClan @ECrossMusic @THaddyMusicKnow Pain, Know Gain f. Thor the Champ aka T-HaddyNew Beginnings5.05
Creature Clan#CreatureClan @ECrossMusicI'm a CreatureNew Beginnings5.08
Daniel Israel@DIsraelMusic1Surrender f. John Boye, J the ProducerSurrender5.09
Trent Chørdz@TrentChordzVaporssingle5.09
Alex Faith & Dre Murray@AlexFaithATL @DreMurray22 @RealYoungNoahTakin' TimeSouthern Lights: Overexposed 5.11
Eshon Burgundy @EshonBurgundyNever Foldsingle5.13
Tye Tribbett@TyeTribbettWork It OutThe Bloody Win (Live)5.22
Uncle Reece@UncleReeceThank You for Your GraceLove You Forever5.24
Flame@Flame314Absolute TruthForward5.28
Marcus Aaron@KingMarcusAaron @BethelMusicHighest f. Bethel Music#FreeTape Mixtape5.33
Ambassador, The@ambassador215Sacred or SecularWhen Sacred Meets Secular5.42
Timothy Brindle@TimothyBrindle, @ShaiLinneThe Means of Grace f. Shai Linne, Melissa T, and Pas. Lance LewisThe Restoration5.46
S.O.@SOtheKidGive It To GodSo It Ends5.55
Jeremiah Bligen@JeremiahBligenFlying Fallen SkiesWhen Ravens Cry5.56
Read B. Verses@ReadBVersesWelcome to the BridgeProducts of Our Environment5.56
Keasha Beard@KeashaBeardtitle cutSoul Food8.41
Cho'zyn@ChozynChickzCovered Girl interludeCovered Girl1.00, .38
Germaine Martel@iAmGMartelPerfect / RighteousHuman 3: The Holy Trilogy2.30/3.19

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Brother Alex

Just a man after God’s heart, Alex is, “Trusting in Him and His perfect will for my life and my family.” No! He says he’s not perfect. “Far from it.” But, he’s striving daily to be like the Christ.

Alex says, his life belongs to Jesus, the King of all kings.

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On Jesus Peace Radio, not only do we play some of the best Hip Hop filled with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ; we also get to talking and sharing the Word of God in everyday life. The What’s Happening on Jesus Peace Radio? #WHoJPR podcast is an excerpt of this segment of the full two hour radio broadcast, where we will feature fun or touchy discussions on everything from suicide prevention to the transgender community to cursing Christian artists, and all points in between. This is also where the coveted Jesus, Take the Mic #JesusTTM segment debuts from time to time.

The What’s Happening on Jesus Peace Radio? podcast: Tackling God’s Word as it applies to real life, modern-day issues; from the context of two urban Christians in America.

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Ryland Junior

Child of the King. Husband. Pop. Brother. Proud uncle. Creator. Orator. Brooklyn born B-boy. Yardee descendant. Dope music enthusiast. Scorpio. DJ. eMCee. Writer. Editor. Graphic Designer. Webmaster. Producer. Trendsetter. Trailblazer. Pleaser of his Father’s will. Bible reader. Action taker. Fly gear wearer. Sin repenter. Life lover. Blessing counter. Captivator.

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“Music is what feelings sound like.” ~ author unknown

When listening to the music played on Jesus Peace Radio, most can easily sense what the feeling is. It is the feeling of love, Christlove. It’s the love of our Heavenly Father.

This radio program is not simply about the dope music being played. It’s about getting out the Truth, the Good News, that God is Love, and that He is so in love with you! He desires a relationship with you. We pray that you receive that gift, that He has given to you freely.

We have been activated to be the hands and the feet of our God; to do the work of The Father here on earth. The Jesus Peace Radio Network will continue to spread His Word over the airwaves, and working to please His Will, until we are called to serve Him otherwise.

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