The Story of Brother Alex

…as told by J. Baez.

Brother Alex (né Alexander Baez) was born and bred in Rochester, NY, by his mom and stepdad. He is the youngest of just two boys, but comes from a large hispanic family. Baez also comes from a long line of believers in Jesus Christ. His grandparents, in particular, had a great spiritual influence on his life. They are some of the reasons he is a man of God today.

God has blessed Baez with a wife of over a decade, Jessica, and three beautiful children (Nevaeh, Alexander and Izzabella). God has also graced him with considerable musical abilities, which he uses to give glory right back to God. Baez is the worship leader at Redeeming Word Christian Center International’s Rochester site (RWCCI The Roc), located downtown Rochester, NY. It was here that Baez met jaythreeoh (né Ryland Stephens, Jr.), who approached him about a vision God gave that the two would do God’s work together.

New Adventure

This would be the former heavy metal fan’s first opportunity to be behind the mic on Radio. But, apprehension aside, Baez knew it was God-ordained for him to be apart of Jesus Peace Radio. Music is part of his DNA. His passion both for music and spreading the Good News is why he signed on to JPR. Of course, he prayed on it, waiting for confirmation from the Holy Spirit, before conceding it was a perfect fit!

Baez says he is honored to work alongside Stephens. He describes his counterpart as a great person to partner with on and off the air. “Ryland is a man of God, upstanding father and husband, an all around great friend and brother.” He says that their shared love of music initially bonded them together.

The one thing that Baez would say that he doesn’t appreciate about the Jamaican-descendant Stephens, (all jokes) is he thinks he can speak Spanish better than the Puerto Rican-descendent (which is true… but, that’s ok. It’s all love!)

As for Jesus Peace Radio Network, “My prayer and hope for JPR is that we can reach the masses. I see this going globally!” exclaims Baez. “Not just for purposes of getting out some really great Christian Hip Hop, which we do, but also getting out God’s Great Word.” Baez goes on, “I know we will see lives being changed through what God is doing through Jesus Peace Radio Network.”

Bottom line, Brother Alex loves God and is excited and willing to go wherever God takes him, in order to do His will.

Author: J. Baez

J. Baez is so thankful for her compassionate and loving Father. She says, in all her mess, He still loves and longs for her. She strives to live to do her Father’s will; that’s one reason she’s writing for The Corner.

She says, she’s a child of God, wife and mother, “in that order.” She is incredibly blessed and overjoyed with all that God has blessed her with. Her desire is to bless others, all for His glory.

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