Tummy Time

My eight-month-old, Kelmo, absolutely hates “tummy time.”

My wife and I have been laying the little bugger on his stomach for months now, trying to get him used to the idea of utilizing his upper body strength. All the parenting experts agree this is best for children his age. As his father, who both loves and wants the best for his physical growth and development, I make sure to put him in this situation often. I know that with these exercises, he’ll soon be able to roll over on his own. But, this dude is having none of that.

Once he’s laid face down, he’ll go through five different stages of emotions and actions.

  1. Confusion. This is different. I’m not sure whether I like this. Action: fussy whining begins.
  2. Frustration. Okay, I know I don’t like this. I’m gonna try to get myself out of it. Action: whining turns to crying.
  3. Fury. I really do not like this. I’m going to kick and swing my free limbs wildly until I capture someone’s attention to get me out of this. Action: all out bawling, no Jim Jones; air-gasping snot-cry.
  4. Futile resistance. I’ve kicked and screamed so much to no avail, I’ve all but exhausted myself. Though, I’m still giving it the ol’ college try to get someone to help me. Action: fading cry/whine with an occasional bawl-burst.
  5. Concession. I’m done trying to get attention; I give up. Action: defeated wheezing and/or snoring.

Funny thing is, I’ll be paying attention to him the entire time. He’s just so caught up in his own state of [input appropriate stage], that he won’t even notice me coaching him to try to roll over. I’ll fix his arm so he doesn’t dislocate his shoulder during the process. I’ll make sure that his arms are bent and out in front of him, so he’s prepared to roll by pushing up. I’ll place things in his path to entice him to want to roll. But, most of the time, he’s hollering, eyes clenched, trying to get me to roll his body over for him.

I’m just like my eight-month-old, Kelmo.

My Heavenly Father, who both loves me and wants the best for my spiritual growth and development, often puts me into situations that I absolutely hate. I’ll go through my own stages of emotions and actions. My confusion, frustration, fury, futile resistance, and concession are only worsened each time, as my snot-cry and wheezing only lead me to missing my blessing: learning how to roll over on my own. Even when He places things in my path to entice me, I’m so often caught up on my own state of [input appropriate stage], that I just close my eyes, praying for God to do it for me.

Watching Kelmo this morning during tummy time has unclenched my eyes.

God, I thank you for putting me into these situations. My prayer is that I will keep open my eyes, and take heed to your coaching. Lord, help me to stay focused on Christ, so that the situations You put me into will strengthen me, blessing me and everyone around me in the process. I ask this and all things in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Author: jaythreeoh (Ryland Stephens, Jr.)

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